1. Just remember who and what is waiting in the wings if/when Joe is no longer in office before his term is up. The reason Cackles was chosen is as an insurance policy against Joe’s removal by whatever means, except death.

      The DOJ’s rule of not allowing a sitting President to be indicted for any crime committed before election will be strictly enforced.

      There is impeachment. However, Bribem will not be convicted by a Demonrat controlled Senate and McCarthy is questio0nable whether he will allow an impeachment proceeding to “keep The Peoples House” from doing it’s job, however nefarious that job may be. Bribem could be forced to resign, ala Nixon, just remember the insurance policy. No one in .gov, especially the Deep State, likes or respects Cackles.

  1. So, are you depicting Sleepy Joe in a “double breasted” suit because that’s what they nicknamed the court case about him fondling that 12 year old girls chest? “COURT CASE”… oh CRAP… what was I THINKING!

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