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  1. …and a third location of stolen secret doc’s was discovered yesterday. Remember when Bribem said ” “People know I take classified documents, classified information seriously …” after the Eff Bee Eye raid on Trump’s home.

    But hey, you know, Bribem’s garage is locked compared to Trump’s double locked secure storage room protected by the Secret Service inside of Mar-A-Lago. Poof. There goes the narrative.

    What I’m wondering is who’s going to be charged in the cover-up, since the UPenn info was known just prior to the last election. Oh wait, it’s the Eff Bee Eye, so no charges will be forthcoming.

    Then there’s the info that the building at UPenn was financed by “dark money” from China, who I’m sure never knew the Top Secret material was stored there. Isn’t that special?

    There’s no standard like the Demonrat double standard.

    I guess the Demonrat’s REALLY don’t want Bribem to run in 2024.


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