1. No matter how hard the Bribem admin. tries to make this transgender BS mainstream, the majority of the country ain’t havin’ it.

    I’d like to know how the Navy ever made this freak an Admiral. One of the qualities of flag officers is be able to command respect from the troops.

    This thing ain’t it.

    1. Since this “administration” is so hell-bent on putting shit-for-brains in positions of power, why didn’t Bite-me make this butt-pilot the Governor of HIS state, then he could rename its capitol “Ben-dover”!

      1. LOL, Bribem’s appointees are reflective of his brain power. They don’t have any either.

        Saw a pic a few weeks ago of a scab on the back of Bribem’s right hand. I guess they’re mainlining his brain meds now. I got news for them. Whatever they’re giving him ain’t workin’. He still can’t find his way off of a stage and he’s still looking for ghost hands to shake after he finishes mumbling and stumbling his way through a speech. You know, the thing.

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