Lizzo Pre-Qualifies Her Outfits To Ensure The Safety Of Others

She has them lab tested for retention of certain vibes and airs that might emanate from such an robust and energetic performer. What a kind, thoughtful and considerate young woman.

There’s a LOT less air under there than you might suspect. It’s mostly all Lizzo. She’s morbidly obese, see.


  1. It’ll take two weeks and an entire LNG tanker’s cargo to cremate that when it assumes room temperature

  2. WOW. Not only is EARL BACK [“callooh cally”] but the commentators have RETURNED WITH THEIR EXCELLENT SNARK. I rejoice.

  3. “Robust”? Let’s just call a fat person fat. Oh, and she shops for her attire at Omar the Tent Maker’s emporium.

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