Best Fuhrer Ever!

Remember! He’s saving the soul of America. Bringing us all Back Together, like the moderate centrist they told us he was. Shame on us for ever doubting him. And/or they/them/its. I for one am completely embarrassed at my lack of faith in this fine man and now offer my full fealty as repentance. I pledge my life For The GeschlechterFluidLand! Heil Shitler!


  1. ACH-TOONG. mein herr (on lip). Bite-me isht zee VOORST presidunce in HISTORY, (und to out-do lamont insane obama is a pretty tall order!).

  2. Whatever they’re accusing us of, they’re doing in spades.

    Glad your back Earl. Missed these cutting memes.

  3. “It’s not just Trump, it’s that whole insistence on that old ragged Constitution being the law of the land, instead of MEEEEE!”

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