Back Soon

That’s my 2nd dead HDD – trying a solid-state drive now. So far so good. Lost a large batch of pics – drive died before I could post em. Oh well, I make more.

Computer died on me earlier this week. Have a new setup and will be back posting this weekend.




    1. Yes. I haven’t had an SSD fail on me (yet), but I don’t keep anything on my SSDs but applications, and all my files (photos, documents, etc) on other hard drives or USB dongles.

      I keep separate backups of all my files on another machine (three copies on two machines) and keep them synchronized via this:

      I’ve been using it for about three years and it’s saved my ass more than once.

  1. Download a free backup software such as Cobian 11 and tell it to back you up to a stick or remote HD every day or two or week or whatever, easy peasy no more losey.

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