I Won’t Swim In Public Pools

They’re toilets, imo. Loved them as a kid, but now? No thanks. I might have too much imagination but I have no desire to marinate myself in the fluids and rehydrated butt crusties delaminated from hundreds of other people’s unwashed nethers. Not to mention the runny snots, sticky phlegm balls, eye boogers, chewed gum wads, detached band-aids, pubes…OK I’ve made my point, I think.

See if you can spot the turd in the pool below: (click to see it full size – if you want. It’s not mandatory.)


  1. Indeed. Everything you’re saying is true, Earl. What doesn’t help is the New Age lesbianic trend of using salt in swimming pools nowadays instead of hypochlorite, the “chlorine”. At least if the pool is maintained properly with chlorine, there’s no risk of catching something, but it’s still disgusting. Obviously, to those who don’t shave their pits and have tattoos on their flabby and pale pocked-marked asses, chlorine is somehow bad because it’s a “chemical”. But, salt is GOOD! It’s all natural! Salt also does nothing to sterilize the water. Swimming pools are nothing more than big slimy bacterial cultures.

  2. (6 Men-In-Black types there?) Draw straight line, side to side, above Bernie Sanders head. Half way to the left is a floater that looks like a Baby Ruth candy bar. Could be Bernie’s brain.


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