1. “Doctor” Jill is not that kind of of doctor. She’s a PhD in Education.

    But I don’t doubt for an instant that she would have if she thought it would help put her in the White House.

  2. “Doctor Jill is sssoooooo smart she doesn’t know how to pronounce bodega, (it’s bowdaygah you moron) then compares Mexicans to Taco’s. WTF is she doing giving campaign speeches? This from a supposed PH. Ed.

    Doesn’t she have anyone on her staff who reads her speeches and critiques them before she delivers them? Or, maybe someone on her staff wrote those lines to stab her in the back, knowing how well they’d go over.

    If her husband doesn’t have either the stamina or the brain cells to give campaign speeches, he doesn’t belong in the oval and she doesn’t belong residing at 1600 Penn. Ave.

    I’m so glad she got laughed into oblivion when she tried to foist “I’m a Doctor” onto us after the installation. Talk about narcissistic.

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