1. Paid professional protesters out in force with signs they can’t even read handed to them.

  2. Here is a question I’ve often asked the Pro-Death people, and in the years I have asked it,
    I have NEVER gotten an answer…a lot of insults, threats and I’ve been blocked and banned…
    But strangely enough, no one has ever answered the question…

    “If your Morals allow you to kill the most innocent and defenseless among us,
    What exactly does your Morals stop you from doing?”

  3. Curious, but it seems that the mindset of pro-abortionists is “I want to be an abject WHORE but suffer no consequences for MY actions. Their signs may read “my body, my choice” but the body that dies in an abortion is NOT THEIRS… its another body which is INSIDE theirs!
    I wonder if Pete Buttgiggles ever had an abortion. I “heard” he was constipated for 9 months, and ultimately gave “birth” to a Democrap!

  4. …yet, they’ll proudly line up for and give testimony that they got jabbed when their employers threaten their livelihood.

  5. And, of course, what the addle-brained, violent, death cult cunts on the left fail to understand is that Roe was NOT overturned in some frenzy of puritanical anti-sex religiosity on the Supreme Court (actually, according to Gallup, Republicans are having more sex than Democrats — it’s true. I know I am.) That claim is just the idiot leftist extremists falling back on worn out and tired Reagan-era stereotypes. No, actually, Roe was overturned because it was bad law. In 1973, the court simply lazily conjured up out of thin air the alleged constitutional right to kill your baby without presenting any sort of legal precedent, constitutional tradition, or rationale. Even Ruth Bader Ginsburg famously said that Roe would be overturned eventually because it was bad law.

    1. Exactly. The status of legality of abortion in all 50 states remains exactly like it was before the decision was handed down, and will remain so until the legislatures meet and pass legislation that either protects it or bans it.

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