1. Damn, Earl, this is the kind of “GUT PUNCH, TAKE NO PRISONERS” approach needed for this ABOMINATION.
    Prediction: God will make his repudiation of/fierce anger for our limitless wickedness known within the near future.
    Recipe for Divine Retribution:
    1. Not merely ongoing, but ACCELERATING/EXPANDING vice of abortion–“children out of the womb”?!!!
    2. Transgender MADNESS for CHILDREN.
    3. Grooming, abuse of children ACCELERATING/EXPANDING.
    4. Entire sexual deviance/sex change insanity for adults: “You are whoever (or whatever) you “identify as”.
    5. Not merely disagreement with, not merely “social disapprobation of” those who believe on God, but PHYSICAL ATTACKS and calls for “pogroms”.
    6. Unjustifiable wars creating millions of homeless and killing many thousands of innocents for the DESPICABLE CRAVING FOR POWER, WEALTH, AND GLORY OF A DEPRAVED “ELITE.
    7. Intensifying MOCKERY of DEITY–“clerics” enmeshed in corruption and sin.
    [We could go on.]
    “NOBODY DOES RETRIBUTION LIKE GOD” [Ask Noah, or the former folk at Sodom & Gomorrah, or the Babel crowd.] It’s coming, and it will be BIBLICAL.

  2. The ONLY way to make a difference is for SOMEBODY with a national voice to say “Hey… I’ve got it… let’s make a LAW that abortions are only available to blacks and pregnant women whose baby is genetically predisposed to being homosexual!” Wanna bet that liberal heads will EXPLODE over that possibility?

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