The Name Is Stuck

Nothing new around here but it’s good to see people catching up.

Let’s remember something. Joe Biden isn’t the leader of the country. Joe Biden is more like a talking potato. That’s why I’m calling him POTATUS now. Joe Biden is Ron Burgundy. He says whatever is on his cheat-sheet flash cards or his teleprompter.

He isn’t capable of reasoned, intelligent speech. At his best he was one of the dumbest, shallowest members of the U.S. Senate; Biden said what he was told to say by the people who paid him and by his political advisors. He never had much in the way of independent thought, which is why he was constantly caught plagiarizing others’ speeches when he wasn’t engaging in whiplash-inducing reversals of his positions. Joe Biden has always been a dim bulb, and that was before his cognition went into sleep mode.

It’s the people who load that teleprompter and hand him those flash cards who matter. Jill Biden, Ron Klain, Susan Rice — whoever the monsters behind the curtain are, those are the ones who are actually doing the talking.

Scott McKay/American Spectator

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  1. Now now! Mr. Potatohead is getting upset. He claims no relation to the jackal sitting on the Oval Office porcelain throne.

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