1. Earl’s genius may not be fully appreciated by many. I admit, he often uses subtle [or blatant, “in your face”] images and motifs to “teach a lesson/make a point/skewer”.

    “The devil is in the details”. Consider, just a few which I, one of the least observant, perceive here:
    * Cats–two of them!
    * Wine bottles
    * WHIP!
    * Loss of teeth, to me, alludes to METH USAGE. But it could refer to physical abuse.
    * Lots of condoms, but apparently (a) not enough or (b) not effective
    * Cigarettes
    * “Black lace”–synonymous with seduction.
    * Black eye, to me, means she was hit by one of her…lovers–so sad
    * Left eye distortion means…I’m not sure what?
    * Blue/Purple opened packages are, likely, the condom packages [sorry, I haven’t bought any for DECADES!]–reflecting HIGH RATE OF “USAGE”

    In some of his truly supernal masterpieces, he appears to emply DOZENS of motifs, riffs, allusions, or hints which only the sagest can understand or appreciate.

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