1. I got fooled back in 1991 when we “won” the Cold War. Thought the collapse of the Soviet Union was the nail in the coffin for Communism. I hear some pundits celebrating already about the Left getting smashed in the upcoming election. So? It might happen. The Right could take the House and the Senate but you’d still have a veto in the White House and enough RINO’s to ensure nothing substantial gets changed. And then you have a permanent Fifth Column of commie moonbats in the bureaucracies controlling the levers of power. So, we win in November. We do a happy-foot dance. We go back to the old complacency that got us into the mess in the first place as the left comes back with another plan “to do Communism right this time” and issues weapons to their cadre of shiftless a-holes with promises of a fairer share of the spoils. TINVOWOOT.

    1. The fall of communism simply meant it was time for the rise of the moose limbs.

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