The Rat That Farted

Looks like there’s a new studio starting up and they’re gunning to out-woke the girls at Disney. We’ll need to keep an eye on this brilliant new creator, Wartsy Weenie and his cast of characters, featuring the hilariously perverse and unwashed Runney Ratshat. We’re expecting a whole new level of non-binary, degenerate FUN! You Kids Stay Groomed!


      1. True that he died. However, he’s in Heaven. There is a Christian prophetess who gets called to Heaven and has seen Disney. He had a clause in his will that no one is allowed to make his films dirty, and put it in writing. Some people in management tried to hide the document in order to remake his films with dirty scenes in it. Some people who opposed what the film makers in the company were doing to his films found the document that the management hid. The prophetess saw Disney working in Heaven with angels who guided the clean Disney workers to the hidden documents. The mainstream won’t report this. There is more coming to clean up the corruption inside the Disney management. I can’t say much yet, except that California must be in the stages of being cleaned up when Disney purges the douches out.

        1. Well alrighty then,,, if you say so. Hadn’t heard the latest from Walt in Heaven.Very interesting indeed. I’ll bet your 100% right about the mainstream won’t report this delusion, Can’t know why not.

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