1. I caught what I think was the Omicron variant on Dec 23rd. By the 25th I was to ill to do much. By the 29th, I was mostly over it, back to 85% fully functional. I now have natural immunity, much better than some jab that might kill me quicker than the bug. So, FJB and your winter of death.

    1. I felt bad a while back for maybe 4-5 days. Any other year I’d think I had a mild case of flu. Never overcrowded a hospital either – that would only make things worse. World’s full of Nellies, I say! Rub some effin dirt on it and walk that shit off!

      1. There was some kinda “crud” going around back in March. It took me a week to shake it off. I know it wasn’t the ‘Rona because the steak & bourbon still tasted great.

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