Sad To See So Many Good Things Go To Crap

Remember this healthy, wholesome and reliably Not Gay program? Pathetic and unwatchable in its current state. Compare the popular original “Girls Jumping On Trampolines” at left against a recent show photo on the right, “Granny Tests Her New Butt Plug On A Trampoline”. Sad old trannie

The Plug Held For 3 Hours And 20 Minutes Of Continuous Jumping Before She Blew It Out. It’s An Improvement.


  1. “The Man Show” was great, but now Kimmel is a snide little woke fembot cunt. His ex-girlfriend is a whiny and unfunny little commie kooze, with a voice like fingernails on a blackboard. Kimmel’s show now is just a self-indulgent, preach-to-the-choir, neo-leftoid, automaton, infantile, micro-dicked, narcoleptic, reptile brain purgative. Fuck him, and fuck Sarah Silverman.

    Glad I could clear up any confusion about all of this.

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