1. O Goddess of Snarkistan, there are a lot of unused catfish ponds in Mississippi that would be perfect for reuse as registered, licensed and patented championship breeding premiere bullfrogs to expand your empire, think of the possibilities!!!

  1. Amazing how fast he flip flopped on “Hell yes, we’re going to take your guns” after he declared for governor. The really amazing thing is he actually thinks he has a chance. Providentially, Texas is not a Dominion voting machine state according to a web search. ‘Course that doesn’t mean that the Demonrats can’t invent new ways to cheat.

  2. That is one thing California cannot be blamed for. Buttstink Beto DID NOT come from the “tender-loonz” of California. In the blogosphere, there have been plenty of “blame California” rants I’ve read, but this one cannot be pinned to California.

    I’m only stating this to get ahead of any first time readers who are trigger happy to blame California for every looney liberal thing going on. The regulars here are smart and don’t play the blame California game here. I propose deporting Beto to Ireland and let the Fighting Irish do some work on him, mashing his potatoes,🍟 😆 😆 😆.

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