The Ridiculous Indulgence Of A Bizarre And Biologically Unpossible Sexual Fetish In Blatant Defiance Of Normal, Rational Society Is Becoming Intolerable

Get your damn boys out of the girls’ pool, you selfish psychogay perv. Go pretend to be whatever you like – live your dream, fly your flag – but not by taking unfair advantage in competing for something you’re not and never will be. And ruining the dreams of deserving and hard training young women athletes without a thought regarding sportsmanship or fair play. So go on and soak up that thin inglorious gruel, dudewoman. The World knows you won nothing.


  1. I’m kinda surprised someone on the UPenn or some other men’s team hasn’t punched this azzhole into the middle of his next life. That says a lot about some of the younger men in this country these days.

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