1. Within a week he will be praised as the greatest pezzident ever and calls for his Nobel Peace Prize and his head carving on Mt Rushmore will begin, says no one EVER.

  2. Joke Biden, The phony bastard “Resident” is a dumb as a stump
    demented, doddering, dishonest, mumbling old fool incapable of
    even controlling his bowels never mind running the Nation.
    His wife “Doctor” Jill should be ashamed of herself for making him “run” in the first place.
    His cohort “Vice Resident Knee Pads Harris” is a vile, vicious, evil excuse for a human being.
    Both of these scum bags are hell bent on ruining our great country.
    “Knee Pads” Harris especially hates the military, the police and their veterans.
    Neither one of these filthy criminals was legitimately elected.
    We are the laughing stock of the world now.

    1. C’mon Stephan, what do you REALLY think? (Hah… Joke Biden Resident, Vice Resident Knee Pads Harris… and I thought calling him “Presidunce” and her “Kameltoe Whore-is” was snarky enough.)

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