The New Premium Subscription Service CNN+…It Knows You Want More Tater

It is Aware. It is so confident in It’s clairvoyance, It actually believes Users will pay cash money for a license to access Its Content. Content that nobody watches now, even though it’s free.

Anyway they’re really pushing on Tater’s new prime time slot and they paid us very well for our help with its promotion, so yeah we whored-out a little. Times are hard, we have mouths to feed and there’s just no way a family man can wave off twenty whole dollars cash like he’s made of money.

So here it is. We hope it helps but our work is done. We’re off to the Golden Corral. Hoping to have some of that Fatty Calf folks talk about.


  1. How ironic that Tater’s show is named “Reliable Sources”.

    Earl, I hope you mailed this to their editorial dept.

  2. Laugh at your own risk……ol Tater could wind up being the last man standing on the CNN roster of lying, race baiting, piss poor excuse for a journalist, pervs!

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