1. Mad Max must use the election consulting firm that got Biden 81 million votes. Maybe it’s Biden uses the firm that manages to keep this racist moron in office. Her District has most stupid people on the planet, to keep voting for the likes of this!

    1. SheJack in Houston 8th district could give her a run for the money in the dumbass voters.
      Al Greens voters has them both beat.

  2. Ain’t that the “shits”… she’s wearing “poo” earrings. What a monumental waste of sperm ol’ Mad Maxine is! I wouldn’t vote for her with YOUR ballot!

  3. Oh, God, that’s just so gross. I think I’m going to regurgitate. Thanks a lot for this one, Earl. Now I don’t have to wait until I get to hell to see the Cerberus.

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