Seeing All Those Lung Cleaner Spam Ads

I decided to see what’s up. They’re total crap. Maybe originally a one way valve meant for some other application – and failed. So some guy from the plant took home boxes of the unsold valves, his kids started playing with them and they inspired this device. It’s a plastic pipe you blow into.

The action of the ball valve allegedly causes vibration waves strong enough to maybe loosen the phlegm and mucus in your lungs as you continue blowing until you stop and start coughing up loogies. Then you’ll be able to breath more fully, maybe.

If you have an interest here is an alert young reporter’s account. Legal disclaimer at the bottom in fine print:

This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. Results may vary / may not be typical. Reviews or testimonials may be fictionalized.This information does not constitute medical advice and it should not be relied upon as such. Consult with your doctor before modifying your regular medical regime.

We’re told 81 million people voted for Joe Biden. If true, these shysters should make a fortune. The people are OK with Fakes.


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