Joe’s Newest Appointee Is Also A Devoted Dog Lover

Appointee (aka Receiver of the Point) identifies as non-binary gender/s. Pronouns are They/Them. They operate a Kennel and Training Compound for Intact Boy Puppies and are also officially licensed to neuter.

I’ve seen more than I wanted and now, so have you. (BTW – the pictures of Them below have not been modified or retouched in any way. That’s the real live Them.)

And you know this was next…


  1. Imagine Xiden taking this thing to a nuclear disarmament meeting with Russia, Iran or N. Korea.

    This THING wouldn’t need a job if Harry Reid and Obuttface hadn’t scuttled the Yucca Mt. nuclear waste depository, especially considering that the project was well on its way to completion. But hey, NOT ONE HINT of scandal or corruption during Obuttface’s eight year reign of terror or now that he’s the puppet master behind the curtain with Jarrett and Rice as his “front men”.

    Notice that there are NO STORIES about either one of those two on Xiden’s staff? Think there might be a reason for that?

    The real irony here is that Obuttface TOLD us, IN NO UNCERTAIN TERMS, what he was going to do and people elected him anyway, if you can believe that he was actually elected, twice. Think the 2020 election was the only one stolen, in recent history?

    Then again, during Xiden’s campaign, when Obuttface TOLD US that he would be open to “operating behind the curtain”. When he uttered those last words, people thought he was kidding. He wasn’t. Proof? Look at Xiden’s policies. Carbon copy of Obuttface’s and that’s what Rice and Jarrett are up to. They’re there to ensure that Obuttface’s instructions are followed to the letter.

    EVERYONE in .gov and the MSM knows what’s going on here and no one is talking about it.

    This Ukraine thing? Distraction. Look at what the left hand is doing, not the right hand.

  2. I’ve pissed on a lot of trees, but never felt inclined to lift my leg to do it. If things ever get back to normal, with a real President in the Whitehouse, this pos, and the dazzling blonde, Levine will be the first ones to be shown the door.

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