1. The only one in the picture that needs a mask, no, a full face shield, no, a shopping bag over her head, no, a Taliban infidel treatment, and she poses with children. She should be deported to her Country of ethnicity! POS! Welcome back, Earl. Have missed the snark.

  2. They are all upwind and masked but they STILL can’t get away from the smell of rotten libturd. Glad to see you back Mr. Taint.

  3. I hear Tank Abrams missed you, Earl. Must be a lousy shot.

    Hope yer doin’ OK, brother.

  4. “I’ve got fudge!……Hershey’s Chocolate Kisses! We’re talkin’ Haagen-Dazs here baby, what do you say?”

    1. I was just in Target.
      An aisle blocker, cards and books and bric-a-brac about the blacks.
      Something about the blacks community, but my eyes glazed so you have to check if it is so vitally important.
      All hail, the blacks!
      Not much mention of mulatto community.
      The ex-bureaucrat barack hussein o’bama must be terribly disappointed…

  5. Hey, Earl, I was wondering what happened to you. Whatever it is, hope all is well, or, if not, all will be well soon. You’ve been missed terribly, and we need you, my friend. However, sorry to see that your first work when you come back is more Stacy Abrams cruelty. She’s looking at the camera like those kids are a tray of appetizers.

  6. Do those poor kids know she gwan eat all their lunches? Holy cafeteria Batman, there’s
    some more plumpers in the back row too!

  7. Hey, wait a minute, is that the African version of “Mein Kampf”, by “Ho-zilla”? Is it true that Stacy donated her underdrawers to NASA to use as “drag chutes” for the shuttle? I “heard” that her donor card specifies the skin on her ass cheeks is to go to 47 different burn units? The gap between her front fangs is a model for the newest tunnel under the English Channel. I “heard” her centerfold in Playgorilla took up 14 pages. She thinks “reparations” means she gets 988 votes for every white vote cast against her. She’s not UGLY… she’s OOOOOOGLY, and it takes 5 uglies to make an oooooogly.

  8. Nice to see you’re still on the right side of the grass ;-)). I hope whatever it is/was is now behind you. Many others and I have missed our daily dose of snark, but still visited every day hoping for your return.

  9. I hope Guantanamo wasn’t too horrid Earl. Now stay away from guys in mirrored sunglasses offering tropical vacations. Glad to hear you’re on the mend Earl.

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