1. Oh, shit… This is some funny stuff, Earl, even for you. God Almighty, this has been a gigantic commie shit show from day one. Nothing but lie after lie, and then the stammering and stuttering as these bastard government totalitarians try to cover it all up. So far, though, throughout this pandemic, my personal Bullshit Hall of Fame incident was when the CDC surreptitiously changed the definition of “vaccine” on September 1, 2021 to match the fact that these slimy and worthless mRNA vaccines don’t work. So, we now have the new term “breakthrough infection”, which I’ve never heard, ever before, with regard to a person who vaccinated against an infectious pathogen. In reality, “breakthrough infection” is an alternate Newspeak term for “my shitty vaccine that I got hornswoggled into getting doesn’t work, and it isn’t really safe and effective.” Well, actually, I take it back. The vaccines ARE pretty effective at causing clots, myocarditis and heart attacks, strokes, vascular inflammation, disruption of menstrual cycles, and an increase in Pfizer’s share price.

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