Natural Emetic Proven 100% Effective

You don’t need to actually eat it, you only need to think about eating it. You may even feel a little queasy right now. If so, we advise you to stop thinking about it and save it for when it’s really needed. The effects diminish after repeat use – you don’t want to waste any of them.


    1. I doubt she ever lives there full time, only reason for her to purchase property there is to avoid state taxes-none in Fla-and “claim residency” then if she is ever sued for gazillions and she has to file bankruptcy, Fla exempts homestead if filed there. It’s not enough that she gets away w/her husband and crooked son with insider trading making billions, she now is going to take advantage of Fla as well. FJB, FNP, LezkoBrandon!!!!

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