I Never Knew There Were Clubs

I’m old and hospitals have always filled up in the winter – always. Older folks have their insurance and most are so afraid of dying they are put in a hospital room, often preemptively and unnecessarily. Short-handed Nurses rightfully complain – but the Hospitals, admitting Doctors, Druggists, Ambulance Services, Etc will get the billings they all need to survive. Every year. I’m pretty sure my departed MIL had an annual reservation – whether she needed it or not.

Now blend in millions of hypochondriacs and nellies fed by BS media fear factories who head to the ER for the sniffles, convinced they are infected with a fatal condition that is impossible to treat on their own, like most do with colds and flu -and there’s your overcrowded facilities.


    1. I long for the day he is admitted to a long term care facility where he has to be restrained due to his pulling out his catheter everyday to see why his pepee doesn’t sprinkle anymore, and nurse Cratchet-DR Jill for short-doesn’t use any lube to reinsert it, and makes sure his triple layer depends are recycled in Mexico where they are mixed with left over tequila cactus limbs to disinfect and provide that itchy feeling.

  1. ” BS media fear factories ” That’s a friggin understatement if I ever heard one.
    The chicom’s must be laughing their asses off.

  2. 1950s, I grew-up in the mountains east of Sacramento.
    There was one hospital in an eighty-mile circle.
    2021, there are emergency walk-in clinics on most corners.
    ‘Major Trauma Centers’ every couple miles.
    Hypochondriac heaven!

    1. In the 50s and 60s most people had no health insurance and those who did had it for Major Medical coverage only. A Dr visit cost what people could afford to pay, like $15-20. No deductibles etc. Some people paid their bill in chickens. Simple private transactions.

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