1. Check to see if she?it is hung like big Mike, she?it sure has the same sized bulbous ass hams, UGH!!!!!

      1. Un uh, mykee don’t check out any juck septin’ his own. Aint she the one “dating the whimpist white soyboy? Makes Barky appear as Charles Atlas in comparison, a hose blower for sure.

  2. I bet if you squeezed that thing, it would squirt through your fingers like Jell-O. Let’s MOOOOOOOVE!

    1. I think we may have all experienced this under similar circumstances. I recall Colorado Jeans providing many deceptive appearances in my day. I was among those disappointed by stark reality. I recall thinking her suddenly giant ass was like an early model, un-baffled waterbed mattress. You could literally be tsunami tossed right off those fuckers if you got the waves rolling too hard. Dangerous work and not my best night. Jello is a great analogy as it adds in the sticky part.

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