I Saw Where Lots Of People Want Colin KaeperNike To Be Seen As A Hero So I Tried To Help Visualize The Concept

I only wish to provide a small measure of healing to the twatter zombies below. Good luck finding that country you want to live in, Undeads. While you’re looking, why not make a movie to prove how perfect it would be? You can all be in it, pretending to be yourselves or someone else. No one will watch it, of course – but you’ll be tops on social media for a week or two and the merchandising can be quite profitable. Best of all, you will just feel so damn righteous and satisfied with yourselves, you’ll deem your um, ‘work’ worthy of the many awards you will bestow upon yourselves.

I can’t believe I’m having to give you people advice on this. Go Make Something Up. It’s what you do, so get your dumb asses busy pretending. Shee-eesh.


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