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‘Tis A Mighty Wind He’s Blowin’

The Duchess of Cornwall was in a direct line of the epicenter of the blast and lost a sizeable portion of her hair, ripped out at the roots. Several toupees and hair pieces were blown to parts unknown. A couple were found later in the parking area out front, over 200 meters out. Many survivors suffered from chemical burns and complained of burning eyes. similar to the effects of chopping onions. Dozens lost eyebrows, lashes and nose hair – all singed away in the sudden flash of the powerful cloud. Doctors on the scene feared many people will endure scarred lungs and other related illnesses, over time. The long term effects of the gas are not well known, mainly because the survival rate has always been quite low.
Memorial to the Souls of the Victims
Luckily the windows blew out, providing an outlet to ventilate the noxious vapors. Despite this, several attendees succumbed from lack of oxygen. One distraught witness seemed to be in insufferable pain and agony as she struggled to breathe, Between gasps, she insisted she could identify the assailant and named US Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh before she lost consciousness, quieting her heaving sobs. Which everyone was getting really sick of hearing. We were on the verge of knocking her yabbering ass out anyway. What a daft fookin’ Bitch.


  1. Greta was crawling around trying to find the fresh air/fragrance she adores, old man sharts dejoir.

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