1. With asshats like this clown ( no disrespect to clowns), we can expect to be tested by the bad actors on the World stage. Possibly one of Obamas, I mean Bidens worst mistakes yet. This thing wouldn’t have been allowed in the Military back when I was in, much less to be promoted. Feel sorry for the guy that has to be his aide!

  2. Richard Levine is a known pederast, still has his male genitalia, and molests young boys. His wife divorced him and won’t let him near their children

  3. “HMS Dysphoria”. LOLOLOL. Remember when lunatics like Levine were considered to have an emotional disorder? Wasn’t that long ago. My, how times have changed.

    Excellent, Earl. You keep me laughing through the darkness, all these years. God bless you, buddy.

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