Biggly Eilish Is Mad At Texas Because Texas Won’t Allow Her To Legally Snuff Her Unborn Child Anytime She Feels Like It

Billie Eilish slams Texas abortion ban at Austin festival: ‘I’m sick and tired of old men’

Aw. Do old men get you pregnant at a higher rate than all the young ones, Shamu? Perhaps you’re a victim of secondhand sperm? Got it off a toilet seat or something? Or did you CHOOSE to to jiggly widdit? You’re a growing woman, when will you accept responsibility for willfully ignoring the risks from your impulsive acts and stop pinning it on ‘old men’, like we had some say in which Fleet you were entertaining at the time of your fertilization. Please – next time, go ahead and punish us by not coming here at all, ever. We’ll agree to never go to see you, either. Win-win.

She’s 19 and just beginning to Bloom


  1. When the feast of life puts her on the five dollar menu, she’ll have to accept what she gets.

  2. Too bad she lets her mouth overload her ass, which is no small feat, because the girl can really sing. She should forget the hip-hop crap, and sing some blues…..she would be good.

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