Many Thanks Diogenes!

Photo linked to my original report

Middle Finger News has republished our reporting from 2015 on a proposal we made on the design of the Barack Hussein Obama Presidential LieBarry in Chicago. Not sure if it’s still under consideration as we’ve heard nothing from them for 6 years, (and we forgot we ever sent it…actually, we’ve forgotten we even wrote it) but we’ll update if we hear otherwise.

Go see what’s News! Don’t miss the Monday Morning Special!


  1. I saw a piece by someone asking why, if Obozo was truly trying to “raise up his people”, he’s building the library in a white neighborhood.

      1. Well, “greazer571”, you DO know how “lamont insane obama” GOT those enormous ears, right? (for those unfamiliar with lamont’s history, it’s from strong guys in Chicago bathhouses pulling on them, nudge nudge, wink wink).

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