Hero To Zero – The Fickle Finger Of Fame

I lifted this from a comic book about nurses and other healthcare heroes. The art is mostly unaltered but the dialog has been updated to reflect the current conventional wisdom which is no more reliable than it was last year or ever since. Now it’s costing HC workers their jobs – and HC providers their staffs – and patients get less care. All if the HC workers don’t comply and get jabbed.

Stupidest plan of the decade…though it’s quite early. Lots of daylight remains, but damn this sucks.

This is a large file, sorry. Hope it’s readable for all. I work off a desktop and don’t how well my stuff views on phones. I rarely do anything but text and call on the phone. I’m not a fan of phones in general. But any suggests for size/format I can do to help with phone imaging feel free to let Grandpa know.