1. I make a point of not watching his lame-ass speeches, where he makes Norm Crosby look like a wordsmith from Oxford, and then does the Thorazine shuffle to the nearest exit. But I caught something on the news yesterday, where he blurted out the word “trillionaire”. Haven’t heard anyone take exception to that yet, but I’d be willing to bet the useful idiots in this country actually believe the “evil rich” are, in fact, now “trillionaires”.

    1. I never watch him live either. It really is like he’s reading a damn story to kids in the library, only he doesn’t show the picture pages. Anyhow I catch the excerpts, once they’re highlighted as further proof of his drooling mental disabilities. That’s enough fer me.

  2. Jen Pissaki wishes she had the chest in this image, maybe she would still be working for the Jewish spy company with advancements in her work load instead of being the spokeswhore for a demented old pedophile that can’t remember the last time he didn’t shit his pants when he farted.

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