Halloween Is Coming

As some know, this is one of my favorite premises for Ridicule, Pointing and Laughing at Public Fuckers Figures I see via the Dub-Dub-Dub and this year is no exception. We start with one that jumped right out because the original needed no copy changes. This was a Lon Cheney version.

See what I mean? This IS Joe, am I right? But the interesting aspect of this one is the Damsel in Distress, played by Virginia Christine. She went on to play other roles – I remember her from old TV Westerns. But her breakthrough role that made her internationally famous was as the longtime Folger’s Coffee expert, Mrs Olsen:

Yeah you have to be old to get this. Yeah I am old.


  1. Oh, I remember Mrs. Olsen! 1980s.
    OK but I was very young when the ads were out. Very young. Like…

    Aw heck. 1980s era is old now.

  2. They still cannot confirm the rumors of Mrs. Olsen and Juan Valdez conspiring to off Mr. Olsen and take full control of his coffee empire.

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