1. You made my day with this one and Mel Brooks would be pleased with your effort. Blazing Saddles is one of my favorites and unwoke which we can use more of these days.


  2. I’m tired.
    Tired of being undesired.
    Undesired and nearly expired….

    Let’s face it, I’m almost kaput!

    1. (Chorus)
      I’ve been with billions of Wimmen
      Had them all watch me Swimmin
      I showed them my Tool.
      I was told they liked Dick
      But they all just looked Sick
      And threw up in my Pool.

  3. Thankfully, this is another epic that will never be remade or given a sequel. The snowflakes just couldn’t match the weapons grade humor of Brooks enough to make the first dollar at the box office.

    1. I don’t put it past them to try it. Maybe with Eddie Murphy playing multiple roles. Sheriff Bart AND the Waco Kid. Maybe Megan Thee Stallion as Mongo…even better – Stacey Abrams. Megan could play the Bull, though.

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