The Smile Joe Gives To Pretend You’re Asking Him A Crazy Question Too Laughable To Answer

He’s worked this schtick for years – whenever he’s asked a question for which he has no ready answer, he grins dismissively as if the question is too absurd to rate a response. Which he never gives, until after his follow-up prep sessions where staff provides his talking points for the next event. Now that he’s using it on his media wing, they’ll finally see fit to call him out over his ridiculous fakery – right?

This Is A Thing I Hate Very Much About Joe Biden


  1. OK…….I thought I could just make the above snarky comment and walk away, but it is impossible to look at that stupid, overextended grin, and not want to do the same thing to him, that I would like to do to Chuck Schumer, and that is to slap those stupid glasses right off his face. ( sarc)

  2. Yeah, all true. I’m old enough to remember this addle-brained douchebag pulling this crap years ago back when he was a senator, and then when he was VP. The dismissive schoolboy smirk, the slimy little superior patrician chuckle, the hand wave, and then the go-to line: “Aw, c’mon man!”

    By the way, I really love Joe’s new teeth and new face. Totally fooled me into thinking he was younger.

    1. Yep, always a braggart and a condescending dick. The press lets him slide on it – like how they always featured Big Mike’s new weaves as her real hair. People see the truth for themselves, if they want to,

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