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I’d like to see this spread far and wide. Maybe a few of you will see fit to forward the link. I would like to tattoo it, word for word and the backside of every single media scumbucket liar out there. Not just the reporters and talking potatoes – the Producers and Execs are the real culprits. Our Media is full of outright criminal lying motherfuckers and I am so effin sick of it. This piece sums it up nicely:

Payback is SO fucking overdue.



  1. Excellent article. Every word is true. I’m not vaccinated, but I’ve already had COVID, and someone a lot bigger and less well-armed than I am is going to have to pry away my .357 SIG from my hand and hold me down before they stick that slimy needle in me. I refuse to participate in the stupid corpo-globalist initiative to force people to be compliant and follow the orders of the Bush/Obama/Biden New World Order. This is NOT a major deadly disease. Anyone who claims otherwise is either lying, blitheringly stupid, or a globalist asshole who is both stupid and lying. For instance, squalling mongoloid infants like Arnold Schwarzenegger, who apparently thinks COVID-19 is equivalent to polio or smallpox, and who also actually believes that 0.04% CO2 in the atmosphere is going to wreck a 5 billion year-old planet.

    Bear with me. This has been pissing me off for over a year now. I’m in good shape, but my blood pressure has hit 170/120 at times because I’m so disgusted and angry at what has happened to science and medicine lately. It’s been totally corrupted for political reasons. However, I didn’t spend 6 years in college and graduate school studying epidemiology and molecular biology to have that corrupt feral animal Don Barzini Fauci tell me “youse gotta weahh two masks because o’ ‘da drahplets.” Don’t listen to the bullshit. Lockdowns don’t work. Masks don’t work — at least not the ones people are wearing. mRNA vaccines (Pfizer and Moderna) are untried, and have never before been utilized, ever. These vaccines theoretically trick your body’s own cells into manufacturing the S protein (the spikes) found on the surface of the virus’s capsid (its protein coat). It’s an untried theory, and an untried vaccination strategy, and no one knows about any possible long-term negative health effects, never mind the fact that I would bet anything that the vaccines have very little efficacy, if any at all. As of today, one of the mRNA vaccines is apparently down to only 42% effective. It doesn’t work. In reality, it’s actually better to get the illness and recover, since you will then have antibodies to all of the proteins on the viral capsid instead of just the one. You will have a stronger immune response than from a vaccine, even though the psychopath liars are claiming otherwise. If you do get it, the overwhelmingly huge odds are that you will survive the illness, and be just fine. I had it last year, and it felt like a very bad cold for about a week, with aches and coughs, and then I felt very tired for a few days after that. It was no big deal. I’m middle-aged. I also know other people who had it, and they’re just fine, too. Only about 4 or 5 out of 1000 people who get it end up dying of it, and two-thirds of those are over 70 years of age. The overall survival rate is about 99.6%, but the mortality rate goes up sharply for those over 85, which is basically the same for any other respiratory virus. Over 80% of COVID cases require absolutely NO medical intervention. Not even a visit to a doctor’s office. Less than 5% of cases require hospitalization, and, again, it’s mostly older people, or obese people. You’re being lied to, every day. This virus is actually only about doubly deadly than the worst seasonal flu. The Spanish flu in 1918-1919 killed way more people than this stupid virus. Over 50 million people died, worldwide. The world didn’t lock down. There were no masks. No, there is something at work here, and it’s political, it’s sudden, and it’s pretty scary. This is not a medical or scientific situation. Want some proof? Have you noticed that all along, throughout all these months, no one — not even ONE health or news organization — has repeatedly publicized what the actual mortality rate is? Go look for the mortality rate. You’ll have a very hard time finding it. Google won’t let you see it. Twitter takes down tweets as soon as someone reports it. The CDC has the mortality rate buried on one of their hard to find web pages. All the liars keep doing is carping about how many people get it, which is basically unimportant. Numbers mean nothing, but they’re using those numbers to try to scare you. If everyone knew how incredibly low the mortality rate was, and they knew only a few people per 1000 die, everyone would say “Fuck You”, take off the stupid worthless masks, live their lives, and refuse to get vaccinated. Believing this is horribly deadly is a religion, not science.

    Remember: when Trump was president, all the leftoid robots — including Biden, Harris, and the gang at CNN and MSNBC — all shrieked that they weren’t EVER getting a vaccine Trump developed. Now that Trump is gone, though, those very same vaccines are now being forced on understandably reluctant people by those same mindless and belligerent Democrat globalist savages. There’s a reason for this. It’s because they’re furiously angry at us, they want revenge, and they’re trying to prove that they can make us do what they want so we feel subjugated by them.

    Thanks for letting me rant. Oh, and take your vitamin C and D.

    1. “…those same mindless and belligerent Democrat globalist savages. There’s a reason for this. It’s because they’re furiously angry at us, they want revenge, and they’re trying to prove that they can make us do what they want so we feel subjugated by them…”
      In other words, BOLCHEVICS are avoiding a violent war — a war with the likely result of their extermination — by using bio-weapons against non-BOLCHEVICS.
      If a few billion fellow BOLSHEVICS need to be sacrificed in the good of TheCause©, well… accidents happen.
      But “…furiously angry…”?
      I disagree.
      I think their every thought, every feeling, every act is driven by an intense hatred of freedom.
      On a cellular level, they are unable to recognize any other choice except destruction.
      Reading the history of actor Robin Williams, I was shocked to learn his autopsy revealed the physical deterioration of his body during the disease ‘Lewy dementia’, characterized by an abnormal deposit of protein in the brain.
      During his final months, he experienced tremors, hallucinations, and extreme paranoia.
      For a professional actor with years of memorizing entire scripts — including the lines of all the other characters — he was often unable to recall the start of a sentence by the time he heard the middle of that sentence.
      His wife describes it as ‘he was living with a terrorist in his brain’.
      I think BOLCHEVICS are hallucinating, their brains broken with some terrible disease, incapable of recognizing reality.
      If anybody has another explanation, I am willing to hear it.

      1. Thanks, Earl. My pleasure. In case anyone wants to see the latest IFR figures (infection fatality ratio) for this dumb virus, straight from the CDC, here’s the link. Go down the page and peruse Table 1, and look all the way to the right where it says “Scenario 5: Current Best Estimate”. Basically, if you’re under 65, you have almost no chance of dying from this virus. The survival rate is 99.4% if you’re between ages 50 and 64. That means if 1000 people in that age group got the virus, statistically, only 6 people would die. If you’re under 50, it’s almost impossible to die from this virus — it would be a freak occurrence. Under age 50, your chance of dying is 500 out of 1 million, or, in other words, your statistical chance of survival is 99.95%. Under age 18, your statistical chance of survival is 99.998%. So, ultimately, can you die from this? Of course, but it sure ain’t likely at all. You can also die from the flu, too. However, do you really want to run around with a fucking worthless cloth or paper mask on your face, with the world closed down forever, because of the miniscule chance of death from a respiratory virus?

        This data is straight from the CDC, so I don’t want some leftist Nazi asshole to tell me I’m spreading Fox News misinformation. Link below:

  2. I have never believed the lies either. As a precaution, I suspended or limited my exposure like the rest of the good citizens. Without conjuring up demonic forces to revenge on all the liars (who do know the truth, but are purposely lying), I can only say that I pray on my hands and knees, that Fauci gets his due. The way I view the racist accusation, is if this place is so racist, why is everyone trying to get here? Look at all the fools risking everything, at the Southern border, just to come and live in such a racist place.Malarkey!

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