Megman Rapinho’s Image Rehab Attempt Is Not Going Well

Due to translation issues, Megman kept eating the pies. Actually, he was licking the pies – from the center out. He had no other idea of what a “Pie in the Face” could mean. He could only act naturally, after all. Filming was halted while Meg received coaching and resumed three days later, once he fully understood his correct role.

Unfortunately, work was stopped again yesterday, as Megman was unable to hit his own face. Despite numerous attempts to improve his accuracy, every throw was well off the target. Nothing but Air Pies. They’ve brought in a stuntmanwoman with similar hands to throw the pie(s) and hope to wrap up by tomorrow.


  1. Wouldn’t fuck her even at gunpoint. Even if she begged. Even if she promised to make me a sandwich and wash and polish my Harley afterwards. And, by the way: I’m not hard to convince. Basically, I’ll fuck mud. But plumb the depths of Megan’s squalid hirsute sewer hole? No way.

    Nice job,Earl. As usual.

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