1. That lung pictured in the failed comediennes hand, is probably in better shape than mine. I better shaddup, or God will get me. Has she sued Jen Psaki yet for stealing her ugly hair color?

  2. Yep. Screw this ugly tranny bitch. I hope she barfs up bloody gunk from her disgusting lungs until she turns blue and dies.

      1. I thought I was conveying my thoughts pretty clearly. However, I’ll try again:

        I hope she suffers for a long time by continually expectorating a combination of blood, phlegm, and diseased lung tissue, and then subsequently dies after her skin acquires a bluish shade, indicating an advanced case of hypoxia.

        Let me know if I can elucidate further.

        1. Yeah, yeah, Mac… appreciate the effort, but CNN would report your comment as “Mac hopes Kathy Griffin enjoys a long life of spitting on the evil, no-proof Trump with spittle festooned with all sorts of vile liquids and unnecessary personal cells before she is whisked away to Heavenly bliss while experiencing a tan of azure hue”.

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