Joe’s Not Wrong – He Did Drive An ’18 Wheeler’ And Here’s The Pic That Explains A Lot

It belonged to Joe’s Grandfather. He’d parked it in a barn in 1934 and it wasn’t uncovered and pulled out until 2003 for restoration of all but the upper cabin, built of wood still showing the faded lettering of the old Biden Circus days. It’s quite likely that Joe got to drive it after the restoration. We can’t see who’s driving in the photo and we’re too lazy to ‘shop Joe in.


  1. Passed down from Joe to Hunter, who now uses it as a combo Pimp Mobile, and “Crack” distribution vehicle. It will be in the shop next week to get the windows tinted.

  2. Ohhhhhhhhh… Goddamnit, Earl. Thank you for keeping me laughing my ass off while these commie fuckers are trying to take over the country. God bless.

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