Joe Remembers His Time In The Civil War

Full disclosure on this overt Misinformation: I sometimes start by creating an image, then crafting a story around it – which is the exact opposite of the normal process, but I’m retarded this way so I enjoy it. The hope is you will too and feel a bit Entertainted (TM) in our brief moment together before you surf off yonder.

So this is entirely my invention as to what Joe would claim as his history. He’s done it before, lots of times, but this one is made-up by me, as far as I know.


  1. I’ll take this as gospel cause I saw joe obiden say it on the internet .Show it to him and he’ll verify it.

  2. So, he has his shots?
    I would put him up for adoption.
    “Asking a small re-homing fee.”

  3. Well, I guess that puts an end to Hunter’s idea for a Biden Butt-hole art series…

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