We Were One Of The First Houses On Joe’s Route

Many thanks as always to Diogenes for sending over her foreign exchange student and pool boy Serge LeMoonet to reinforce our neighborhood welcome for Jill and Joe’s visit this weekend. I’ve included an action photo below. Perfect timing, like always. Well, unfortunately we took our eyes off the boy for a few brief moments of his routine and sure enough, Joe shuffled over and fingered him. Serge was pretty angry but we gave him $100 and he calmed down.

Hopefully no long term harm done to the lad. Mrs Swenson gave him the ice from her snow cone and it looked like that brought him some welcome relief. Tell you what, there ain’t much that’s shy about young Serge, is there?


  1. SergeSergeSerge…..You KNOW you’re not supposed to leave the trap door unbuttoned on your union suit.

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