New Career Opportunity Awaits Those Who Enjoy Working With Newborns

But you’ll need Professional Training from Top Instructors to do the job Right! Consider the renowned and almost, nearly accredited Akins-Orr & Krein School of Birthing, won’t you? Expecting mothers can often be demanding and extremely needy, isn’t that right? One of the first and most important concepts we teach is the necessity of establishing those parental expectations, right up front. This helps reduce the volume of customer complaints later on, and nobody holds up paying their invoice because they’re pissed that their baby has a conehead or some other thing we have no control over as pro Birthing Persons. Or as some prefer, Birtherpers (burr-thur-purse).

Important Context Maybe There is no official name established officially, by a duly certified official, in the official record as confirmed by the officials responsible for confirmation of official records, currently. So we’re OK to call the Birthing People whatever we want, for now…within the usual boundaries of neighborly courtesy, as usual, as always.

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  1. When do you have time to do your job? This, one of a kind poster could put Planned Parenthood out of business…… or is that the plan. I still am called a “birther”, because I wanna see Obama’s birth certificate!

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