Thanks To Old Rollback Joe – National Independence Day Date Is Reduced! Was July 4th, Now Only July 3.85th! You Save 0.15th, Everyday!

Hope you’re having a good one! My neighbors are reenacting the bombardment of Ft Sumter – or whatever it is they call my house. They have plenty of ammo and a relentless wish to destroy my home, lands, crops and terrorize the poodle. They’ve found the range, luckily they lack control over guidance. (Though this provides zero consolation for the poodle.) I must confirm that issues like shell shock or PTSD or Crater Craps or what have you are all very real things. Be aware, it’s my first time under a sustained siege. However the walls are strong and the moat is packed to its limit with raw human sewage and huge penis-eating Alligator Snipping Turtles – with these stout defenses, we will Hold the Castle. Easy Peezy. Enjoy!


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