Circus Today! Sideshow Oddities! Furry Freaks, Sad Psychos And Self-Indulgent Fairytards

** Recommended viewing time on this would be minimum 30 minutes after you’ve eaten, to delay the effects of the relatively mild toxins. Most people exposed to them have gone on to live happy healthy lives. And only 1 out of 8 lost both of their eyes! (Just don’t stare too long at any 1 image – you’ll be fine until you’re around 80-ish. They’re prone to kick in later, like sunburns can cause deadly tumors. It’s really nothing to worry about.)

The Site from where I copped the original images – Bearded Women: Weird Instagram Natural Beauty Movement – don’t miss seeing the real deals – there’s several other amazing human beings than the ones I included. (I have no idea if a single one pictured is a real woman, but who can, these days?)


  1. All highly desired women (including Brian in drag)in the Arab world. Some considered better than goats.

  2. We’re all very grateful that you didn’t post the photos of these beasts modeling their “lower beards”. That would have violated innumerable sections of the Geneva Conventions.

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