1. Should turn this statue of the hometown hero and model for woke youth into a pay per view event. Think of how many women would stand in line for the opportunity to view, fondle, and worship at the crotch of the dearly departed. Please exit thru the gift shop where busts of Mr. Floyd can be purchased along with his “Help, I can’t breathe” postcards, to let everyone know that you visited.

    1. AND!!!!!!! you wonder why?? Nobody from “outer space” comes here any more… Hell!! when they pass by this planet… they lock their doors and hit “Intersteller Overrive!!!!!… skybill

      1. We’re the Martin Luther King of the galaxy, “Weapons free, check doors locked.”

  2. Looks like George Floyd should play the part of “Woody” in any remake of “Toy Story”, or else the producers are bona fide racists!

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