1. Or, it may not have been altered at all! Rumor has it that there was a failed abortion attempt by Joes’ mother, in the late stage of her pregnancy. Not having a crochet needle, or coat hanger, she attempted the abortion with her dildo, thus the pictured indentation in his forehead. I hope this leads to better understanding of the 46* stage silence, and lapses.

  2. The plug hole and his soft fontanelles made it easy for mom to pick him up with three fingers like a bowling ball.

  3. Outside forces, having viewed my less than socially acceptable comment above, have pressured me to denounce either the above statement, or my Christianity. The question was asked, how I can be a pro-life conservative, and make such a disgusting insinuation in reference to Joes’* mama. The only answer I can come up with is that I have been walking in the “swamp”, have seen and heard the way the ” swamp” works, and it has begun to rub off on me. There may be no hope for me, now that I am tainted, but in the future, I will attempt not to disparage the innocent person, for the sake of humor. And if you believe all that, I’ve got a bridge to sell you….Bwahahahahaha

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