I Wish Them Luck

Victoria’s Secret is changing their whole gig to focus on the militant activist lesbian/trannie/drag-queen faggot clothing market, which I’ve no doubt is huge and currently under-served. That’s the only logical reason I can see to justify it. Here’s the new catalog cover: (Alert! Do not be fooled by their giant biscuits – they’re pure lard and almost impossible to split. Go over to DMF Online Bakery bright and early every Monday for the real McCoys!)


  1. Victorias Secret might as well declare bankruptcy now. I mean, “c’mon man!!!” The only comparison I can make to show the profit loss they will take by trying to be woke, is when Dicks Sporting Goods thought they could help reduce mass shootings, by not selling certain semiautomatic rifles and ammo. This cost them the business of many sportsmen and sportswomen in their entirety. Billions, yes, with a B! How the moron CEO kept his job is a miracle. No good can come to Victoria Secret by this move. Keep the Angels!

  2. Allow me to correct a word I used in the comment above. I should have said “sales” instead of ” profits ” in regard to the amount the fools lost by people boycotting their store. Yes, I am one.

  3. Someone needs to send VS’s CEO to the local community college to attend Business 101. Shareholders: You’d better off investing in stellar lumens or Dogecoin, than in this about-to-crater company.

  4. Well……. that’s it…I guess I’ll have to get my undies somewhere else, now.
    Hobby Lobby, perhaps?

  5. What, no XX transfags smoke cigars anymore? Better sell that Harley stock I’ve been holdin.’

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